Ways to Install LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are ideal substitutes for current fluorescent fixtures, and are best to place in regular ceiling systems. These ensure lighting of professional-grade with the scope for optimal savings in energy for schools, offices and supermarkets. LED panels of superior quality are dust free, low maintenance, durable and have a clean finish. It is possible to install these lights in 4 ways.

  1. Suspended Installation

This kind of installation is needed for pendant lights and chandeliers. You have to install the accessories for the light to the panel. You can get in touch with sales personnel for the exact specifications and the detailed steps for installation. Make use of screws for fixing the 4 hanging cables onto the ceiling. Ensure that the four steel cables are properly adjusted, so that there is horizontal alignment of the LED panel.

  1. Wall or Ceiling Mounted Installation

These kinds of lights generally put the fixture’s style more prominent. It can be wall or ceiling mounted. The clip can be fastened on the spot where the panel light is set up, like the ceiling. The other clip has to be screwed to the panel. The two clips can be screwed with M4x8 screws.

  1. Recessed or Built-in Installation

Both recessed and built-in types of installation lend a sleeker and more modern appearance, although recessed installation extends more subdued lighting. The installation is very easy. You have to get the traditional grid lights out. Pick the replacement that is an appropriate fit for the grid. Have the LED panel illuminant recessed into the grid. In case it threatens to fall down, it is advisable that you use screws for fixing the 4 hanging cables onto the ceiling – similar to the suspended installation method.

  1. Spring Clips Installation

This is another easy installation method. You need to insert the spring onto the clip, and screw its other side onto the panel through the ring. The panel has to be recessed into the hole that is located in the roof. You have to check out the user manual before you move to the installation of the LED panel lights. This is essential for understanding the various components that are used in the device – that aids in the later installation stages. You have to carefully handle them as these are delicate in form.

However, before the installation – no matter which type of setup you choose, you need to cut off the power supply and ensure that everything is safe for you to start working on the lights. In case the power supply is not turned off, you as well as anyone touching the wires to assist you – can be at risk of suffering an electric shock. It is important for you to find an appropriate spot for LED panel light mounting. The best mounting spot is a spot that is near the power socket, which subsequently reduces the wire’s length. Then note down the measurements of the panel so as to be able to drill holes at any spot where LED panel needs to be mounted.

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