SMD3528 or SMD5630, Which LED Chip is more suitable for LED Panel Lights?

LED chip is one of the most important components of LED panel lights. A few LED lights are more vibrant as compared to others, and some of these produce more light for every watt. The kind of LED chip that you would require will be based on your project. The varied numbers of LED chips actually correlate to the various physical dimensions of the same. The numbers SMD3528 or SMD5630 actually correlate to the chip size in mm (millimeters). The numbers that come after the SMD basically refer to the LED chip’s physical size.  In SMD3528, 35 refer to the width of 3.5mm and 28 means the length of 2.8mm. Similarly, in SMD5630, 56 means 5.6mm width and 30 is the 3.0mm length. SMD3528 and SMD5630 are two of the most famous LED flexible strip models. Know which LED chip is better for LED panel lights.

SMD3528 chips

These are possibly the commonest of all LED illuminant strip chips. The lights are used most often for accent lighting, like below the ceiling around the crown-molding and above the kitchen cabinets. Such kinds of chips are available in many strip models, such as:

  • SMD3528-150 – It has 30LED per meter LED density, with 2.4W/meter rated power. It is available in colors Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White, Orange, Purple, Pink, UV and IR. With 2700K-6500K CCT and 8mm PCB Width, it has 100-150LM Lumen Output.
  • SMD3528-300 – The LED Density is 60LED/m and rated power is 4.8W/m. You can get it in colors like Yellow, Green, White, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, UV and IR. There is 8mm PCB Width and 2700K-6500K CCT, with Lumen Output of 200-300LM.
  • SMD3528-600 – It has 120LED/m LED Density and 9.6W/m power rating. It can be found in varied colors, such as UV, IR, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and White. The PCB Width is 5mm/8mm and CCT is 2700K-6500K. The Lumen Output is 400-600LM.
  • SMD3528-1200 – There is 19.2W/m power rating and LED Density is 240LED/m. There are colors like Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, UV, White, IR and Pink. It has 15mm PCB Width, 800-1200LM Lumen Output and 2700K-6500K CCT.

SMD5630 chips

This is another type of LED chip that is used on LED strip lights, and has 5, 6 X 3.0 mm elongation. Such kind of power LED generates as much illumination as the LED 5050, and has a similar kind of width. There are varieties such as SMD5630-300 having LED Density of 60LED/Meter. There is 12W/m power rating. SMD5630-300 chips have 2700K-6500K CCT, PCB Width of 10mm and Lumen Output of 1000-1200LM. These are available in colors like Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and White.

Which One is better?

If you want “accent lighting”, such as under the ceiling or over kitchen cabinets, SMD3528 chips in LED panel lights are better. SMD5630 chips are for “task lighting” and can be used in spaces, such as the areas beneath the kitchen cabinets. You usage of chips in LED panel lights varies according to the ambience you wish to install the illuminants in.

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