How to Choose Good Quality LED Panel Lights?

LED panel lights offer a superior, professional-grade lighting solution with highest energy efficiency assurance for offices, supermarkets, schools and companies. LED panels are the best illuminant solutions to be placed in regular ceiling systems, and these are perfect substitutes for the present fluorescent fixtures. Superior LED panel lights are dust-free, low-maintenance and durable, and can last long, have a clean finish and boast of a great light output. Find out how to choose LED panel lights of superior quality.

Look at the power factor

If the power factor is low, it means that the circuit design and power supply are not good. This can of course significantly reduce the longevity of the illuminant. If there is low power factor, the lamp will last for only a short time even if the best-quality LEDs are used by the supplier. Look for LED panel lights with >95% power factor that does not have any flickering effect, and have longer lifespan.

Inspect the quality

The effects of many of the best LEDs are based on the quality of the LED chips and the packaging technology that has been used. Check whether the chips of the lights of your choice are made by a famous manufacturer. If a top brand has encapsulated the chips, you can be surer of the quality.

Look at the CRI

Maximum CRI (Color Rendering Index) happens to be set at 100. Usually, in case the Color Rendering Index is between 80 and 100, it can be regarded as excellent. CRI between 50 and 79 is standard. If the index is lower than 50, you can be sure that the color is inferior. You should always choose high value CRI. CRI that is over 80 has outstanding color impacts.

Look at the Driver (Power Supply)

The longevity of a LED panel light, to a great extend is based on the driver. The lifespan of the driver is typically less than that of the LED panel light. The driver design and the selection of material will have an impact on how long the LED panel light lasts. The best lights consist of the most state of the art circuit design for the designing and development of the most stable drivers for LED panel lights.

Find out about the safety conformance

Inspect and research to find out whether the panel lights satisfy the necessary safety standards. The light must pass the ISO9001:2008, SAA, RoHS, FCC, CE and UL standards. Also find out that the LED panel light of your choice has a pending TUV certificate.

Other than these things, when you are looking for superior LED panel lights, you have to buy those that have soft, uniform lighting and come without any glare. You can benefit a lot when you purchase superior lights that have high dot technology and diffusers, so that the lighting effects are amazing and just the way one can think of. When you consider all such factors, you can be assured of the making best choice as far as buying superior LED panel lights is concerned.

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