Do Blue & Red Light Therapy Work?

Do Blue & Red Light Therapy work? It seems like a question that is asked quite often by people who are interested in alternative therapies and who have done their research. After doing some research, I discovered that the technique of using Do Blue & Red Light Therapy really does work and many people are enjoying many benefits from using this particular type of therapy. This article will explain how the therapy works and what its benefits are.

When it comes to the Blue & Red Light Therapy, many people wonder if there is some sort of magic involved. After all, the red and blue lights are both very bright and easily noticeable. When the person is standing under the apparatus, the red light is on top and the blue light is below. What most people do not realize is that when these lights flash, the human eye can focus on them easily. When they combine these two very powerful lights, many people report that a feeling of relaxation occurs.

Another interesting thing about this therapy is that it is very effective at relieving stress and tension. This is why it is so commonly used at spas, health clubs and massage parlors. It can help people overcome pent up emotions that have been building up and may have caused a headache or tension. When the tension melts away, it can lead to better overall health and well-being.

If you ask Do Blue & Red Light Therapy work, the answer may surprise you. Although this form of therapy may be relatively new to the American public, the public is certainly beginning to take notice. Many people have found that the treatment has given them some relief from pain and stress. In fact, some people have even reported that their lives have been affected positively as a result of Do Blue & Red Light Therapy. This form of therapy is not only popular at spas, massage parlors and in the medical community, but it is also gaining popularity among individuals who may have gotten pain and stress from their jobs.

Blue & Red Light Therapy works by placing alternating light and dark pulses on the body. The treatment is done for a period of about fifteen to sixty minutes and uses various different types of pulses and light sources. The alternating pulses and light sources cause the body to change its energy-producing hormone level. By doing so, the body can begin to heal itself after an injury or other stressful event.

Do Blue & Red Light Therapy work? The answer to the question Do Blue & Red Light Therapy Work? is both yes and no. Although there are many people that claim that this type of light therapy has helped relieve their symptoms, there are also many people who are convinced that this form of therapy should not be practiced without proper caution.

Why Night Club Owners Should Buy RGB LED Panel Lights?

Nightclubs are entertainment and party venues, and proper lighting can create illumination of the next level that can provide customers with the ultimate experience. Suitable lighting always adds to the atmosphere, and takes the entertainment experience of the crowds straight to the top. Lights for these venues are available in various configurations, and RGB LED panel lights are highly preferable to illuminate all areas of nightclubs – whether it comes to a focal point on stage, the entire dance floor, the DJ booth or the entire club. Find out why nightclub owners need to purchase these illuminants.

Colorful effects

It is possible to get a spectacular display when RGB lights with a DMX controller are used. San industry standard to control lighting and effects on the stage, DMX is included in spotlights and smoke machines. These can be programmed to regulated the color, brightness, frequency and about any other aspect of RGB LED panel lights. The LEDs that are present on these illuminants blend the colors Red, Green and Blue at their source in order to have the whole color spectrum recreated. This can offer access to many interchangeable color sequences, static colors and colorful effects.

Easy color pattern changes

RGB LED panel lights can be regulated very well, particularly with a DMX controller. Since its creation some years back, the DMX512 protocol has evolved a lot. Today, it is used widely for stage and entertainment lighting. It can control LED lighting and can offer many changes in color patterns for RGB. Vivid color changing effects can make it possible to achieve as many as over 16 million colors.

Wireless control

This is an intelligent lighting control solution for nightclubs, given that it removes the need for wire connections. Wireless connection is enabled between the controller and the panel. The controller adopting wireless control consists of an in-built RF receiver that can obtain signals straight from the panel. There is an in-built sender in the panel that can transmit signals easily, and can control the distance for as much as 20 m. It is possible to dim and adjust the color tone of the lights in a smooth fashion, introduce dynamic changes in patterns and more – which is ideal for decorative lighting in nightclubs.

High energy-savings

Nightclubs, like any other business, have an operational cost and a high amount of money is needed for the maintenance, operations and upkeep. With RGB lights that are powered by the LED technology, optimal brightness is possible – given that over 90% of the electricity that is consumed is transformed into light energy. There is far more brightness than is possible with standard incandescent or fluorescent illuminants.

High brightness

RGB LED panel lights have high luminous flux and can create the best mood to charge up the atmosphere. These LED lights have an LED controller that come with programmable function and color changing patterns. It is possible to achieve many color changing patterns, and the vibrancy of every R, G and B channel can independently be dimmed.

SMD3528 or SMD5630, Which LED Chip is more suitable for LED Panel Lights?

LED chip is one of the most important components of LED panel lights. A few LED lights are more vibrant as compared to others, and some of these produce more light for every watt. The kind of LED chip that you would require will be based on your project. The varied numbers of LED chips actually correlate to the various physical dimensions of the same. The numbers SMD3528 or SMD5630 actually correlate to the chip size in mm (millimeters). The numbers that come after the SMD basically refer to the LED chip’s physical size.  In SMD3528, 35 refer to the width of 3.5mm and 28 means the length of 2.8mm. Similarly, in SMD5630, 56 means 5.6mm width and 30 is the 3.0mm length. SMD3528 and SMD5630 are two of the most famous LED flexible strip models. Know which LED chip is better for LED panel lights.

SMD3528 chips

These are possibly the commonest of all LED illuminant strip chips. The lights are used most often for accent lighting, like below the ceiling around the crown-molding and above the kitchen cabinets. Such kinds of chips are available in many strip models, such as:

  • SMD3528-150 – It has 30LED per meter LED density, with 2.4W/meter rated power. It is available in colors Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White, Orange, Purple, Pink, UV and IR. With 2700K-6500K CCT and 8mm PCB Width, it has 100-150LM Lumen Output.
  • SMD3528-300 – The LED Density is 60LED/m and rated power is 4.8W/m. You can get it in colors like Yellow, Green, White, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, UV and IR. There is 8mm PCB Width and 2700K-6500K CCT, with Lumen Output of 200-300LM.
  • SMD3528-600 – It has 120LED/m LED Density and 9.6W/m power rating. It can be found in varied colors, such as UV, IR, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and White. The PCB Width is 5mm/8mm and CCT is 2700K-6500K. The Lumen Output is 400-600LM.
  • SMD3528-1200 – There is 19.2W/m power rating and LED Density is 240LED/m. There are colors like Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, UV, White, IR and Pink. It has 15mm PCB Width, 800-1200LM Lumen Output and 2700K-6500K CCT.

SMD5630 chips

This is another type of LED chip that is used on LED strip lights, and has 5, 6 X 3.0 mm elongation. Such kind of power LED generates as much illumination as the LED 5050, and has a similar kind of width. There are varieties such as SMD5630-300 having LED Density of 60LED/Meter. There is 12W/m power rating. SMD5630-300 chips have 2700K-6500K CCT, PCB Width of 10mm and Lumen Output of 1000-1200LM. These are available in colors like Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and White.

Which One is better?

If you want “accent lighting”, such as under the ceiling or over kitchen cabinets, SMD3528 chips in LED panel lights are better. SMD5630 chips are for “task lighting” and can be used in spaces, such as the areas beneath the kitchen cabinets. You usage of chips in LED panel lights varies according to the ambience you wish to install the illuminants in.

How to Find the Best LED Panel Lights Manufacturer in China?

China is a hub of electronic light manufacturers and suppliers. The LED illuminants from this country are used across China, as well as exported to other nations like Kenya, India etc. If you are interested in finding the best LED panel lights from China, here are some important points to know about the manufacturer.

Product Portfolio

You can have the best chances of being successful when you pick a manufacturer having an entire portfolio of LED lighting products, and having a successful track record in the LED illuminant industry. You can find many independent blogs sharing lists of the top LED panel light makers in China, and get information about the best companies along with their websites. You can check out these sites and have a look at the entire portfolio of products that these companies have on offer for customers.


Ensure that your lighting manufacturer offers phone-based technical support, online application support etc and has a repair / return program if there is failure or damage to the fixture. Check whether the company works with subcontractors, and can supply you the components that you require.

Return Policy

You can find out whether the company is ready to replace items that are found to be damaged, non-functional or broken when the package is opened. It is possible to get information about the company’s Return Policy from its website. When it comes to wholesale orders, you would not like to lose money on bulk orders with a manufacturer who is not ready to replace illuminants even when they are found to be not in good shape after delivery.

Thermal Management

The design of the mechanical fixture needs to address heat dissipation precisely, and the fixture needs to feature the firmware associated to the feedback of the junction temperature. The longevity of LED lights has to depend on the LM-80 measurements of the sources of LED that are used, and these have to be estimated as well as accounted for in the fixture data sheets.

Product Compliance

Find out whether the supplier has experience in making LED bulb lights as per US and EU product standards – such as Low Voltage Directive, UL 8750 and FCC Part 15. You have to also check the Social Compliance, and know whether the company has passed any audits in social compliance – such as SA 8000. Try to know whether it is a part of any CSR organization.

Quality Management System

Make sure that the supplier is ISO 9001 certified. In case it has such a certification, does it apply the same principles in its daily operations and activities? It is essential for you to conduct in-depth research. The internet can make it very easy for you to research the best suppliers in China, and find out about the top LED suppliers that have earned the best reviews and feedback from previous customers. You can check out many independent review websites and blogs to go through these reviews and find out about the best Chinese suppliers out there.

How To Choose LED Panel Lights Supplier When You Want To Buy In Bulk?

Do you wish to get your inefficient fluorescent or incandescent lights, which are driving up your electricity bills, replaced with LED lights? At one time, LED lights were reserved only for specialized applications. Today, these are used everywhere. Find out how to choose the LED Panel Lights wholesaler that you wish to purchase from in bulk quantities.

Know about your supplier

The market abounds in plenty of suppliers, both online and offline, who sell 3rd party panels at an economical price. Find out whether the supplier you intend to buy from provides customers with the best services and has a wide variety of LED illuminants on offer for them. Know how the supplier treats customers. While small wholesalers send managers to customers, bigger organizations closely operate with clients. Book the minimum order the first time, so that you can test the quality of items and service before placing a bigger order during the second time.

Compare the prices

There is no need for you to be concerned about the rates. These lights might be expensive, but there is a good reason for this higher cost – which is the state of the art LED technology used in the manufacturing of a LED panel illuminant. Remember that the quality of an LED illuminant has an impact on its price. The price also varies across wholesalers, and you have to compare the quality and rates to be able to find a good wholesaler.

Check the wattage available

Know about your light’s wattage, and your use of the illuminant might have an impact on the brightness level that you desire. Remember that a LED light of 9W has the same brightness output as a standard 45W incandescent illuminant. You might require a higher or lower wattage based on where you wish to install your LED illuminants in. The wattage has an effect on the price, and you have to choose the wholesaler that

Know the color available

These illuminants are available in a wide variety of shades of color, ranging from bright white to white that is warmer in type. Based on the place where you wish to install the lights in, you might like to opt for LED lighting of a particular shade. For indoor areas, installing 2,500-3,000 K soft white lights is more common. Bright white 4,500-5,000 K lights are used often for outdoor areas. You have to find out LED lights of which colors the wholesale supplier will be able to offer to you.

Know the light shapes available

You can find varied LED illuminant solutions, whether it comes to LED outdoor solutions, LED spotlights, LED flashlights, LED light strips, LED ceiling lights or standard LED light bulbs. The best-selling LED bulbs can be found in either flame-tip or round shapes, and you have to consider the use of the light that you want to buy. Find out which shapes the wholesaler can offer you. The best wholesaler adds new lights regularly and always looking ahead to expand its range of LED illuminants continuously.

How much is a LED Panel Light?

The cost of LED illuminants can greatly vary, although these lights look almost similar in form. There can be as much as 40% variation in prices between LED lighting panels, despite the similarity in appearance between the illuminants and the fact that these are powered by LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. A wise customer has to be attentive to all the important components, and have a proper idea of how they can impact the full cost. While a low price should not be the sole consideration for a LED panel light, buyers have to be more attentive to the important factors. There are various factors on which the cost of a LED panel light depends:

  1. LED chip

In an LED panel light, the LED chip happens to be a vital component. It stands for the highest percentage of the entire expense. The market abounds in many models and the costs can widely vary as per the bracket of packages and the waiver that is offered. While it is normal for you to find two chips that come with the same amount of waiver, the variation in costs can be in the range of 10 – 20%. The gap in price can destroy a business when it comes to bulk buying. But with the development of technology in the last few years, the cost of LED chips is constantly reducing. This has led to a drop in the total expenses of the finished panel lights.

  1. LED housing

It is just the external appearance of the panel light. The price varies as per the materials and the structure. Generally, the more basic the structure is, the lower the price is. The same also applies to its size. The cost is directly proportional to the size. When it comes to the materials used, LED housing made of aluminum is significantly costlier than plastic housing.

  1. LED driver

In an LED panel light, the LED driver happens to play a very significant role. It can have a big impact on the product’s lifetime. The cost of LED drivers can significantly vary due to the varied circuit schematics. This is applied for changing the input DC or AC to DC power for driving the LED chips. Such a mode is possible in 3 ways – isolated switch-mode, non-isolated switch mode and non-isolated linear mode.

The isolated switch mode comes with low safety risks, and is the ideal LED driver mode for this reason. It can operate in superior reliability and efficiency when it comes to light delivery. The high price is the only con. The cost of the non-isolated switch mode is comparatively low. It is highly efficient and the light distribution is very reliable. But there are security risks with this mode. The most inexpensive mode is the non-isolated linear one, which comes with a few disadvantages. It has low reliability and the security risks are high. The operational efficiency is on the lower side, and there is no optimal energy efficiency either.

4000K, 5000K or 6500K – Which is the Best Color Temperature for LED Panel Lights?

LED lights are available in a wide variety of colors, which range between soft yellow and bright white color. Color temperature means the color of the source of light. Where LED lights are concerned, Daylight, Natural, Cool and Warm are the commonest choices. Every LED color temperature has a particular feel and look, and some colors work better in particular applications. Color temperature is measured as K (Kelvins). It holds true for LED lights and also other forms of light bulbs. You can get warmer colors with lower K temperatures and cooler colors with higher Kelvin temperatures. 4000K, 5000K and 6500K are some of the color temperatures in the Kelvin temperature scale, which ranges between 2700K and 6500K. Find out which one is the best color temperature for LED panel lights.


It has a natural white light, and is clean and cool to look at. The color resembles sunlight very closely, which makes it appealing for about any location. Garages, basements and other dark areas not having plenty of natural light can be the best spots to use these cool white LED lights in. These can be used in union rooms, activity centers, studios and even in stadiums. For people who participate in activities or are oriented towards creative pursuits, the 4000K color can be highly motivating. It can boost creativity and also relax such people after hectic working days.

4000 – 4500K

You can get a neutral white color, and the light is bright but not tiring for your eyes. These are intended to be used for rooms that require vibrant lighting, such as in a meeting room, laboratory, library, classroom etc. These can also be used in workshops, stairs, corridors, bathrooms etc as well as in the outside – such as living spaces, parking area or outdoor seating area. The color is almost near to sunlight, and can make a calm and serious ambience that can protect the eyes as well as help in office work, research and studies.


This is the white light of daylight, and you can get a clear, crisp illumination which is ideal for retail stores, offices, security lights, garages etc. The illumination of LED light panel is close to natural light, and the color temperature is in the range of 5000K and beyond.

5,500 – 6,500K

These lights produce cool white illumination, and are fit to be used in road signs, spotlights, outdoor floodlights, warehouses etc. These can illuminate a part of a garden and utility areas such as storerooms, garages and cellars. However, you would better not use these in a living space as these are too bright in such areas. The lights have a slightly blue tone.

Which One to Use?

The LED lighting color of your preference should be ultimately based your personal preference as well as in the location that you want to use. Cool colors are for areas that need more brightness and warm colors are for residential establishments or in those types of places that can do with a relaxed, average brightness.

8 Popular LED lighting of 2019

The LED technology has evolved a lot over time and LED lights are fast replacing all types of commercial and residential lighting with more efficient and vibrant LEDs. Find out about the 8 popular LED illuminants of 2019.

  1. Hyperikon 2×2 FT LED Troffer Dimmable LED Panel – 4 Pack

These are dimmable illuminants that are sold as a 2 or 4 pack, and can be used in the office or at home. No additional tools or parts are required for fast replacement of the current fluorescent illuminants. You can save as much as 80% electricity expenses. The lights cannot be flush mounted, but are dimmable and are backed by a warranty of 5 years.

  1. EVERLE 16.4ft 12V Flexible LED Light Strip

This LED plain white light strip consists of 300 LEDs on a strip of 16.4 foot, and is extremely vibrant. Its back has a strong tape, which makes it easy to set up. It is very bright, and there is no remote needed for tracking it. However, it comes in just one color.

  1. Lemonbest 18 Watt LED Panel Light

This is a one of a kind panel light that can fit smaller spaces as compared to the standard 2’by4’ or 2’by2’ ceiling grids. You might not require a big light fixture for spaces like a bathroom or kitchen. This light is 9’ by 9’ in dimensions, and is just ½ inch deep. You can easily set up these lights – either in a smaller grid or on the ceiling directly – although it does not fit in standard drop ceilings.

  1. WenTop Waterproof Led Strip Lights

It can be installed outdoors or indoors, and is very low-cost. The light is weather-resistant and is spread over a strip that is 16.4 ft long. It is low-cost and comes in warm or cool white color, although just white color is available.

  1. G9 LED Light Bulbs, 5W, Warm White (3000K), Non-Dimmable, 6-Pack by WEAPRIL

It is from the top LED light brand Balder, and the pack of 6 LEDs can match any application. These are dimmable bulbs, and have a ceramic body. You may use these as non-dimmable bulbs. These can warm up instantly after being turned on. But the color is not warm white like halogen.

  1. ASD LED Panel 2×2 Dimmable Direct-Lit – 4 Pack

These come from the brand ASD, and can easily substitute 2×2′ fluorescent lighting. The beam angle is wide, and the light draws very less power. But you cannot flush-mount these low-cost lights.

  1. DiCUNO G9 Ceramic Base LED Light Bulbs, 6W (60W Halogen Equivalent), 12 Pack

The lights are available in 8 varied configurations, and you may choose from 4W or 6W, soft white or daylight white, and in a 12-pack or 6-pack. But the switchable color lights are fast flicker in type.

  1. LemonBest 18W Square LED Recessed Lighting Kit

It can offer light for as long as 100,000 hours at a stretch, and have durable die-casting aluminum body. These can light up immediately, but the glow can be annoying to a few people.

7 Points You Should Know About LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are illuminants that are powered by LED technology, and are designed to replace inefficient and traditional fluorescent lights. These are used today in homes, offices and businesses around the world. Whether in display cases, TVs, vehicle brake lights or traffic lights, LED illuminants are used in various applications due to their unique features – including resistance to breakage, ease of maintenance, compact size and the capacity to focus light in just one direction rather than having it disperse in all directions.

  1. Installation

These light panels can be set up in many ways. Although LED panels have been designed for suspended ceiling installation, as a direct substitute for the prevalent fluorescent troughs, many of these are also ideal for hanging from regular ceilings or for surface mounting. For installers, the good news is the fact that those who are familiar with installing fluorescent lights can find the process of fitting LED panels to be smooth. There is no requirement for external product training, expert tools or any additional time for installation.

  1. Form

Super-slim LED panels are also available, have wide-reaching beam angles and are side-lit. These stand as a more high-performance, sophisticated alternative to older light panels that frequently use rear-lit illumination technology. 595x595mm panels are designed to substitute regular 600x600m fluorescent troughs.

  1. Color

These lights can display not just white, but many other colors like red, purple and a spectrum of yellow and white hues. There is soft white, warm white, and even slightly yellow color that resembles the hue of incandescent bulbs. Bright white bulbs also offer a whiter hue that resembles daylight more or less, and is just like the light that can be seen in retail stores.

  1. Lifespan

LED panel lights of superior quality have a lifespan of 25,000 hours or higher, which means that these are able to last for over 25 times more than regular light bulbs. That means a lifespan of over 3 years if run continuously 24/7.

  1. Low heat loss

As compared to incandescent bulbs that release 90% of electrical energy in the form of heat, LED panel lights are much more energy efficient. These waste very less energy as heat. LED (light-emitting diode) is a form of solid-state lighting using a semiconductor for electricity conversion into light energy.

  1. Energy saving

These days, LED panel lights happen to be 6 – 7 times more energy saving as compared to regular incandescent illuminants. These can reduce the use of energy by over 80%. These panels can, on an average, last for as long as 30,000 hours and can reduce the consumption of power by as much as 45%. These can offer light of better quality.

  1. Eco-friendly

LED panel lights are mercury-free. A latest study by the Energy Department has found that these illuminants have a significantly smaller impact on the environment as compared to incandescent bulbs. These are also more competitive than CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights). With the LED technology steadily going on improving, panel lights are anticipated to grow in the years to come.

Why LED Panel Lights are Ideal for Residential and Commercial Lighting?

LED panel lights have varied application, which ranges from homes to hotels, malls, super market, restaurants, corporate office spaces and more. Hassle-free installation is the primary reason for this wide application. LED panels are among the best options as these are customizable and the variety of color can be replaced easily. Find out what makes these illuminants perfect for residential and commercial lighting.


On theory, these lights can last for as long as 100000 hours, which means as long as 8 hours every day when used continuously for a period of 27 years. LED panel lights are able to give illumination for over 10 million hours, which means a lot of savings for residential and commercial spaces – given that there is no need to buy new lights again and again. According to the Department of Energy, the demand for electricity for illumination in the U.S can be lowered by around 33% by 2027 with fast adoption of LED light panel. This can remove the requirement for as many as forty new power plants, thus placing less need for using the resources of the Earth.

Ease of setup

These can be installed easily in spaces where it is tough to maintain illuminants. The acrylic that is used for light panels is shock-resistant and can withstand plenty of corrosive chemicals out there. It can bear humidity levels and withstand cold and hot temperatures. LED light panels are ideal to be installed, as these are long-lasting and can be set up in those areas where maintenance is not convenient – such as in areas that are tough to reach – which might need a complete replacement or closure of a building. The use of LED illuminant panels will result in a reduction in the full cost.

Superior ability to control

The wonderful control ability is a major benefit of LED panel lights. These may be regulated through various dynamic programs, given that the CCT and brightness of these illuminants can be dimmed through DMX512, triac dimmer, PWM remote controller or some other external controller. In homes and apartments, there is often the need to dim and regulate the brightness and get the level of lighting that is needed.

Varied color options

While making these types of lights, impurities are added in order to make free electrons and increase the conductivity of the semiconductor material. The most interesting aspect is that these types of impurities can also determine the color of the LED panel illuminants. Thus, residential and commercial users can get lighting in the color of their choice without using a filter. White light can also be produced with LED illuminants. The color of the lights of the panel illuminants can be adjusted as per the varied circumstances or needs. It offers soft light that can protect the eyes, and safeguard eyesight without any risks of glare or radiation. Unlike halogen bulbs, these offer pleasant light. All the colors are moderated here accordingly, and customers can directly look at these lights without being dazzled.