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Do Blue & Red Light Therapy Work?

Do Blue & Red Light Therapy work? It seems like a question that is asked quite often by people who are interested in alternative therapies and who have done their research. After doing some research, I discovered that the technique of using Do Blue & Red Light Therapy really does work and many people are […]

Why Night Club Owners Should Buy RGB LED Panel Lights?

Nightclubs are entertainment and party venues, and proper lighting can create illumination of the next level that can provide customers with the ultimate experience. Suitable lighting always adds to the atmosphere, and takes the entertainment experience of the crowds straight to the top. Lights for these venues are available in various configurations, and RGB LED […]

How to Find the Best LED Panel Lights Manufacturer in China?

China is a hub of electronic light manufacturers and suppliers. The LED illuminants from this country are used across China, as well as exported to other nations like Kenya, India etc. If you are interested in finding the best LED panel lights from China, here are some important points to know about the manufacturer. Product […]

How much is a LED Panel Light?

The cost of LED illuminants can greatly vary, although these lights look almost similar in form. There can be as much as 40% variation in prices between LED lighting panels, despite the similarity in appearance between the illuminants and the fact that these are powered by LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. A wise customer has […]

8 Popular LED lighting of 2019

The LED technology has evolved a lot over time and LED lights are fast replacing all types of commercial and residential lighting with more efficient and vibrant LEDs. Find out about the 8 popular LED illuminants of 2019. Hyperikon 2×2 FT LED Troffer Dimmable LED Panel – 4 Pack These are dimmable illuminants that are […]

7 Points You Should Know About LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are illuminants that are powered by LED technology, and are designed to replace inefficient and traditional fluorescent lights. These are used today in homes, offices and businesses around the world. Whether in display cases, TVs, vehicle brake lights or traffic lights, LED illuminants are used in various applications due to their unique […]