Jiangsu Cheapfine Lighting Co. Ltd is focused on providing you with high-grade, eco-friendly and affordable lighting solutions for the future with the help of superior LED components. Based in China, we are a professional LED panel lights manufacturer company. Established in 2015, we specialize in the designing, development, manufacturing and sales of very bright LED panel illuminants.

Our LED panel products are used for public sector, residential and commercial projects around the globe. We serve government, industrial and commercial clients and offer highly energy-efficient lights that can save costs and reduce dependence on environmental sources.

Our Vision

We want to be a knowledge-based, highly respectful innovative global company in the LED illuminant manufacturing segment. Jiangsu Cheapfine Lighting Co. Ltd aims to be a growing enterprise, and we are driven by a high level of integrity.

Our Mission

We hope to find fulfillment at each stage, and constantly improve the quality of life for humans.

We have the mission to become a successful company globally, and help businesses and people attain their complete potential.

We aim to build integrity, and offer high performance with fairness in all that we do and become an esteemed corporate entity.

Our Work Culture

As a people-oriented company, we actually believe that energetic and happy employees are integral to success. Our firm is dedicated to attracting new talent and retaining them, and following the best practices across the globe to make sure that our workers can build rewarding and productive careers with us.

We try to create an open and vibrant workspace that is socially committed and employee friendly. Our organization offers an international work culture. Our culture of meritocracy and performance offers the chance to learn and grow continuously.

At Jiangsu Cheapfine Lighting Co. Ltd, we encourage and let our workers obtain new skills and get the highest productivity standards that match their personal and professional goals. We also invest heavily in ensuring a secure, safe work ambience for workers – beginning with a strict safety, health and environmental policy.

We make sure that excellence is never unappreciated at our organization, and always reward our employees who are eager to bring the best to the table. Our workplace has a perfect balance of work and leisure, and allows our workers to get the chance to grow personally as well as professionally.

Our Products

LED flat panels allow uniform distribution of light to ensure hassle-free ambience. These can be dimmed in order to satisfy the preferences of users. We have DLC, SAA, RoHS, CE and UL certified LED panel lights.

Our lights are made by our knowledgeable and experienced team that uses tailored solutions to satisfy your budget and energy-conservation targets. Our illuminants offer amazing lighting results, with the promise of long life and high warranty. These are available in sizes 1’x1′, 1’x2′, 1’x4′, 2’x2′ and 2’x4′, with the color temperatures 6500K (cool white), 5000K (daylight), 4000K (cool white) and 3000K (warm white).

We invite new consumers to be a part of our global distribution network, and gain more benefits.