4000K, 5000K or 6500K – Which is the Best Color Temperature for LED Panel Lights?

LED lights are available in a wide variety of colors, which range between soft yellow and bright white color. Color temperature means the color of the source of light. Where LED lights are concerned, Daylight, Natural, Cool and Warm are the commonest choices. Every LED color temperature has a particular feel and look, and some colors work better in particular applications. Color temperature is measured as K (Kelvins). It holds true for LED lights and also other forms of light bulbs. You can get warmer colors with lower K temperatures and cooler colors with higher Kelvin temperatures. 4000K, 5000K and 6500K are some of the color temperatures in the Kelvin temperature scale, which ranges between 2700K and 6500K. Find out which one is the best color temperature for LED panel lights.


It has a natural white light, and is clean and cool to look at. The color resembles sunlight very closely, which makes it appealing for about any location. Garages, basements and other dark areas not having plenty of natural light can be the best spots to use these cool white LED lights in. These can be used in union rooms, activity centers, studios and even in stadiums. For people who participate in activities or are oriented towards creative pursuits, the 4000K color can be highly motivating. It can boost creativity and also relax such people after hectic working days.

4000 – 4500K

You can get a neutral white color, and the light is bright but not tiring for your eyes. These are intended to be used for rooms that require vibrant lighting, such as in a meeting room, laboratory, library, classroom etc. These can also be used in workshops, stairs, corridors, bathrooms etc as well as in the outside – such as living spaces, parking area or outdoor seating area. The color is almost near to sunlight, and can make a calm and serious ambience that can protect the eyes as well as help in office work, research and studies.


This is the white light of daylight, and you can get a clear, crisp illumination which is ideal for retail stores, offices, security lights, garages etc. The illumination of LED light panel is close to natural light, and the color temperature is in the range of 5000K and beyond.

5,500 – 6,500K

These lights produce cool white illumination, and are fit to be used in road signs, spotlights, outdoor floodlights, warehouses etc. These can illuminate a part of a garden and utility areas such as storerooms, garages and cellars. However, you would better not use these in a living space as these are too bright in such areas. The lights have a slightly blue tone.

Which One to Use?

The LED lighting color of your preference should be ultimately based your personal preference as well as in the location that you want to use. Cool colors are for areas that need more brightness and warm colors are for residential establishments or in those types of places that can do with a relaxed, average brightness.