Why LED Panel Lights are Ideal for Residential and Commercial Lighting?

LED panel lights have varied application, which ranges from homes to hotels, malls, super market, restaurants, corporate office spaces and more. Hassle-free installation is the primary reason for this wide application. LED panels are among the best options as these are customizable and the variety of color can be replaced easily. Find out what makes these illuminants perfect for residential and commercial lighting.


On theory, these lights can last for as long as 100000 hours, which means as long as 8 hours every day when used continuously for a period of 27 years. LED panel lights are able to give illumination for over 10 million hours, which means a lot of savings for residential and commercial spaces – given that there is no need to buy new lights again and again. According to the Department of Energy, the demand for electricity for illumination in the U.S can be lowered by around 33% by 2027 with fast adoption of LED light panel. This can remove the requirement for as many as forty new power plants, thus placing less need for using the resources of the Earth.

Ease of setup

These can be installed easily in spaces where it is tough to maintain illuminants. The acrylic that is used for light panels is shock-resistant and can withstand plenty of corrosive chemicals out there. It can bear humidity levels and withstand cold and hot temperatures. LED light panels are ideal to be installed, as these are long-lasting and can be set up in those areas where maintenance is not convenient – such as in areas that are tough to reach – which might need a complete replacement or closure of a building. The use of LED illuminant panels will result in a reduction in the full cost.

Superior ability to control

The wonderful control ability is a major benefit of LED panel lights. These may be regulated through various dynamic programs, given that the CCT and brightness of these illuminants can be dimmed through DMX512, triac dimmer, PWM remote controller or some other external controller. In homes and apartments, there is often the need to dim and regulate the brightness and get the level of lighting that is needed.

Varied color options

While making these types of lights, impurities are added in order to make free electrons and increase the conductivity of the semiconductor material. The most interesting aspect is that these types of impurities can also determine the color of the LED panel illuminants. Thus, residential and commercial users can get lighting in the color of their choice without using a filter. White light can also be produced with LED illuminants. The color of the lights of the panel illuminants can be adjusted as per the varied circumstances or needs. It offers soft light that can protect the eyes, and safeguard eyesight without any risks of glare or radiation. Unlike halogen bulbs, these offer pleasant light. All the colors are moderated here accordingly, and customers can directly look at these lights without being dazzled.