Commercial Usage of Ceiling LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are indoor lighting lamps of superior grade. These are composed of aluminum alloy through the process of anodic oxidation. The light has a basic appearance and design, with amazing effects of illumination. There are more varied powers, such as varying between 12 and 85W, and can keep your home lit for over 50,000 hours. It can be installed easily with clamping springs in a recessed ring. These illuminants have a wide range of application, which include:

Corporate Office Spaces

These can make office spaces in corporate organizations look more modern and stylish, and the lights can be found in varied colors, shapes and sizes. The lights can be customized according to clients’ requirement. One can get them in simple, sleek look to install them easily and save on energy costs. As these offer more illumination than halogen or CFL lights, the illuminants can make office spaces look brighter.


Whether in the eating area or in the kitchen space, these lights can be useful. Such kinds of illuminants can be installed over the counters to make people awake and alert while breakfast is being prepared. For kitchens with tables, a dimmable fixture overhead having a warmer color temperature can ensure a wonderful ambiance that can balance the more vibrant blue illumination over the kitchen counter space.

Super market

These are reliable lights that can last for a long time, and can thus reduce the need to buy new units again and again. Businesses can, thus, save on the expenses to buy more lights to get the same amount of illumination and also reduce energy consumption. This is because unlike traditional halogen or fluorescent lights, ceiling LED panel illuminants can convert as much as 95% of electrical energy into light energy. When used in super markets, these illuminants can ensure very high energy savings.

Retail stores

In retail shops, ceiling panels powered by LED technology can offer bright white light which is distributed at a broad angle. The lights need minimal amount of maintenance and those manufactured by reputed brands can last for 8 – 12 years on an average. These illuminants maximize the ability of staffs to stay productive in the entire space. Installing cool-white lights in retail stores can mimic daylight, boost the production of serotonin and can keep sellers and personnel energized, alert and focused.


As compared to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights), these illuminants do not have mercury that may spill and disperse if dropped. This makes them safer to be used in hotels. The lights are highly versatile, and can last for a long time. These also mimic daylight, which makes these illuminants ideal for use inside hotels. Also, the lights do not dissipate too much heat given that only a very small amount of energy is wasted as heat. There is clear bright illumination and every nook and corner of the inside space and lobby can be seen. Neither customers nor staffs have a problem in seeing objects and people anywhere. Thus, ceiling LED light panels are useful for hotels as well.