5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are very popular, as these tend to offer a wonderful lighting experience and can save plenty of money for users. These are loved by many people as these ensure uniform distribution of light, have a slim appearance, do not have glare to irritate the eyes and can save a lot by way of electricity. However, while buying these lights, you have to consider many important factors.

  1. Size

Keep in mind that these lights are sold in varied sizes. The option that you choose must be of the same size as the ceiling grid that you have at present. The LED lights these days fit 600 X 600, 1200 X 300 and 1200 X 600 ceiling grids. At the time of setting these units up, make sure that there is enough ventilation. Opt for edge-lit integral panels in case you have a narrow ceiling or you wish to hang the panels.

  1. LED Power

Integral LED panels, as per experts, offer a wider light beam angle and draws less amount of power. This ensures that there is less wastage of light. When you buy these lights, choose one having a panel that can offer optimal light with less amount of power. You can use brighter panels to maximize your lighting, so as to get rid of some of the already existing LED fittings and set up several brighter lights. This can ensure that you will have more illumination in your home, while being able to save lot of money.

  1. Lumens

You have to focus on the lumens, when you have to decide about how vibrant your lights would be. The more the number of lumens, the brighter you can expect the illumination. Lumens can also guide you about how efficient the units would be. Keep in mind that the efficiency of LED panels is directly proportional to the amount of lumens per watt. When you buy LED panel lights, always consider the lumens per watt rating.

  1. Color

The LED panel color is also worth taking into account. The color of your choice would depend solely on your choice as well as where you would be using the illuminant. Warm white and Cold white are two of the commonest LED colors. The commonest is the cool white color and is perfect when you wish to achieve a sophisticated ambiance in a commercial, retail or office space. A traditional color is the warm white color which is related to filament lamps. These are perfect for facilities like nursing homes.

  1. Features

Features are one more factor that you have to consider when you purchase LED lights. Choose lights that have a dimming feature, to be able to save more money on your illuminants. This will let you reduce the amount of illumination easily in your home or commercial space. It is suggested that you set up emergency lights in case you are light-sensitive.

The consideration of all these factors can be very useful when you have to purchase LED panel lights.