Ways to Install LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are ideal substitutes for current fluorescent fixtures, and are best to place in regular ceiling systems. These ensure lighting of professional-grade with the scope for optimal savings in energy for schools, offices and supermarkets. LED panels of superior quality are dust free, low maintenance, durable and have a clean finish. It is possible to install these lights in 4 ways.

  1. Suspended Installation

This kind of installation is needed for pendant lights and chandeliers. You have to install the accessories for the light to the panel. You can get in touch with sales personnel for the exact specifications and the detailed steps for installation. Make use of screws for fixing the 4 hanging cables onto the ceiling. Ensure that the four steel cables are properly adjusted, so that there is horizontal alignment of the LED panel.

  1. Wall or Ceiling Mounted Installation

These kinds of lights generally put the fixture’s style more prominent. It can be wall or ceiling mounted. The clip can be fastened on the spot where the panel light is set up, like the ceiling. The other clip has to be screwed to the panel. The two clips can be screwed with M4x8 screws.

  1. Recessed or Built-in Installation

Both recessed and built-in types of installation lend a sleeker and more modern appearance, although recessed installation extends more subdued lighting. The installation is very easy. You have to get the traditional grid lights out. Pick the replacement that is an appropriate fit for the grid. Have the LED panel illuminant recessed into the grid. In case it threatens to fall down, it is advisable that you use screws for fixing the 4 hanging cables onto the ceiling – similar to the suspended installation method.

  1. Spring Clips Installation

This is another easy installation method. You need to insert the spring onto the clip, and screw its other side onto the panel through the ring. The panel has to be recessed into the hole that is located in the roof. You have to check out the user manual before you move to the installation of the LED panel lights. This is essential for understanding the various components that are used in the device – that aids in the later installation stages. You have to carefully handle them as these are delicate in form.

However, before the installation – no matter which type of setup you choose, you need to cut off the power supply and ensure that everything is safe for you to start working on the lights. In case the power supply is not turned off, you as well as anyone touching the wires to assist you – can be at risk of suffering an electric shock. It is important for you to find an appropriate spot for LED panel light mounting. The best mounting spot is a spot that is near the power socket, which subsequently reduces the wire’s length. Then note down the measurements of the panel so as to be able to drill holes at any spot where LED panel needs to be mounted.

How to Choose Good Quality LED Panel Lights?

LED panel lights offer a superior, professional-grade lighting solution with highest energy efficiency assurance for offices, supermarkets, schools and companies. LED panels are the best illuminant solutions to be placed in regular ceiling systems, and these are perfect substitutes for the present fluorescent fixtures. Superior LED panel lights are dust-free, low-maintenance and durable, and can last long, have a clean finish and boast of a great light output. Find out how to choose LED panel lights of superior quality.

Look at the power factor

If the power factor is low, it means that the circuit design and power supply are not good. This can of course significantly reduce the longevity of the illuminant. If there is low power factor, the lamp will last for only a short time even if the best-quality LEDs are used by the supplier. Look for LED panel lights with >95% power factor that does not have any flickering effect, and have longer lifespan.

Inspect the quality

The effects of many of the best LEDs are based on the quality of the LED chips and the packaging technology that has been used. Check whether the chips of the lights of your choice are made by a famous manufacturer. If a top brand has encapsulated the chips, you can be surer of the quality.

Look at the CRI

Maximum CRI (Color Rendering Index) happens to be set at 100. Usually, in case the Color Rendering Index is between 80 and 100, it can be regarded as excellent. CRI between 50 and 79 is standard. If the index is lower than 50, you can be sure that the color is inferior. You should always choose high value CRI. CRI that is over 80 has outstanding color impacts.

Look at the Driver (Power Supply)

The longevity of a LED panel light, to a great extend is based on the driver. The lifespan of the driver is typically less than that of the LED panel light. The driver design and the selection of material will have an impact on how long the LED panel light lasts. The best lights consist of the most state of the art circuit design for the designing and development of the most stable drivers for LED panel lights.

Find out about the safety conformance

Inspect and research to find out whether the panel lights satisfy the necessary safety standards. The light must pass the ISO9001:2008, SAA, RoHS, FCC, CE and UL standards. Also find out that the LED panel light of your choice has a pending TUV certificate.

Other than these things, when you are looking for superior LED panel lights, you have to buy those that have soft, uniform lighting and come without any glare. You can benefit a lot when you purchase superior lights that have high dot technology and diffusers, so that the lighting effects are amazing and just the way one can think of. When you consider all such factors, you can be assured of the making best choice as far as buying superior LED panel lights is concerned.

Commercial Usage of Ceiling LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are indoor lighting lamps of superior grade. These are composed of aluminum alloy through the process of anodic oxidation. The light has a basic appearance and design, with amazing effects of illumination. There are more varied powers, such as varying between 12 and 85W, and can keep your home lit for over 50,000 hours. It can be installed easily with clamping springs in a recessed ring. These illuminants have a wide range of application, which include:

Corporate Office Spaces

These can make office spaces in corporate organizations look more modern and stylish, and the lights can be found in varied colors, shapes and sizes. The lights can be customized according to clients’ requirement. One can get them in simple, sleek look to install them easily and save on energy costs. As these offer more illumination than halogen or CFL lights, the illuminants can make office spaces look brighter.


Whether in the eating area or in the kitchen space, these lights can be useful. Such kinds of illuminants can be installed over the counters to make people awake and alert while breakfast is being prepared. For kitchens with tables, a dimmable fixture overhead having a warmer color temperature can ensure a wonderful ambiance that can balance the more vibrant blue illumination over the kitchen counter space.

Super market

These are reliable lights that can last for a long time, and can thus reduce the need to buy new units again and again. Businesses can, thus, save on the expenses to buy more lights to get the same amount of illumination and also reduce energy consumption. This is because unlike traditional halogen or fluorescent lights, ceiling LED panel illuminants can convert as much as 95% of electrical energy into light energy. When used in super markets, these illuminants can ensure very high energy savings.

Retail stores

In retail shops, ceiling panels powered by LED technology can offer bright white light which is distributed at a broad angle. The lights need minimal amount of maintenance and those manufactured by reputed brands can last for 8 – 12 years on an average. These illuminants maximize the ability of staffs to stay productive in the entire space. Installing cool-white lights in retail stores can mimic daylight, boost the production of serotonin and can keep sellers and personnel energized, alert and focused.


As compared to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights), these illuminants do not have mercury that may spill and disperse if dropped. This makes them safer to be used in hotels. The lights are highly versatile, and can last for a long time. These also mimic daylight, which makes these illuminants ideal for use inside hotels. Also, the lights do not dissipate too much heat given that only a very small amount of energy is wasted as heat. There is clear bright illumination and every nook and corner of the inside space and lobby can be seen. Neither customers nor staffs have a problem in seeing objects and people anywhere. Thus, ceiling LED light panels are useful for hotels as well.

Benefits of Installing LED Panel Lights & System


LED Panel Lights are powered by LED technology, and are designed to be the perfect substitutes for regular fluorescent ceiling fixtures. This is among the best lighting option for an interior setting, considering the fact that it has a modern design which ensures varied color options, durability, long span of usability, efficient quality of light, design flexibility, better condition of illumination and more. Know about some of the benefits of installing LED panel lights & system.

Superior dissipation of heat

This type of light is super-slim, and has a stylish and simple appearance. The aluminum frame and side-lighting design ensures superior dissipation of heat. These lights have a heat sink system, which ensure superior level of safety.

Design flexibility

These come with flexibility in design, and can offer better condition of illumination. The lights have a diffuser and lightweight aluminum frames that dissipate heat and reduce the wastage of light. The function of this illuminant is to distribute light across the surface in an even way.

Best quality light

LED guide plate is utilized here as optical material, and it makes LED panel lights capable of offering even and bright lighting for connecting to a source of power. Diffuser and guide plate work together to ensure soft, wide and uniform lighting. The use of newest LED technology ensures immediate start for the light with no RF interference, flickering or humming.

Superior brightness

These lights use aluminum, which happens to be the best material for the light frame, and is also utilized for the rear cover. LED lights themselves are usually made out of gallium, arsenide and aluminum. LED panel lights use a sealed design and homogeneous light reflective panel along with aluminum alloy material and very efficient light guide plate. All these make the light output glowing and more effective. Impurities are also added to boost the conductivity of the semiconductor material and create free electrons.

Eco friendly

This is also an environment friendly technology. There is no radiation or mercury. The process of manufacturing ensures that there is as less pollution as possible. All the material that is used may be recycled, and the recyclable features are very important for sustainable social and economic development.

Light Adjustment

LED panel lights’ light color may be adjusted as per varied situations or needs. These have a soft, eye-friendly light that can safeguard eyesight without any unpleasant light, glare or radiation. All the colors here are accordingly moderated, and people can directly look at the light without being dazzled.


The chance to customize these lights is one of the main advantages of these illuminants. As these are thin and given the way one can fix LED lights into the panel, one can shape these into about any preferred type of illuminant. This lets you use them for applications in which regular incandescent illumination would be impossible or difficult, such as molded bar tops or backlighting.


The panel’s LED light source is composed of a very hard resin rather than tungsten wire glass which is not damaged easily. Thus, the force of vibration is relatively high. It also has superior temperature flexibility.

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are very popular, as these tend to offer a wonderful lighting experience and can save plenty of money for users. These are loved by many people as these ensure uniform distribution of light, have a slim appearance, do not have glare to irritate the eyes and can save a lot by way of electricity. However, while buying these lights, you have to consider many important factors.

  1. Size

Keep in mind that these lights are sold in varied sizes. The option that you choose must be of the same size as the ceiling grid that you have at present. The LED lights these days fit 600 X 600, 1200 X 300 and 1200 X 600 ceiling grids. At the time of setting these units up, make sure that there is enough ventilation. Opt for edge-lit integral panels in case you have a narrow ceiling or you wish to hang the panels.

  1. LED Power

Integral LED panels, as per experts, offer a wider light beam angle and draws less amount of power. This ensures that there is less wastage of light. When you buy these lights, choose one having a panel that can offer optimal light with less amount of power. You can use brighter panels to maximize your lighting, so as to get rid of some of the already existing LED fittings and set up several brighter lights. This can ensure that you will have more illumination in your home, while being able to save lot of money.

  1. Lumens

You have to focus on the lumens, when you have to decide about how vibrant your lights would be. The more the number of lumens, the brighter you can expect the illumination. Lumens can also guide you about how efficient the units would be. Keep in mind that the efficiency of LED panels is directly proportional to the amount of lumens per watt. When you buy LED panel lights, always consider the lumens per watt rating.

  1. Color

The LED panel color is also worth taking into account. The color of your choice would depend solely on your choice as well as where you would be using the illuminant. Warm white and Cold white are two of the commonest LED colors. The commonest is the cool white color and is perfect when you wish to achieve a sophisticated ambiance in a commercial, retail or office space. A traditional color is the warm white color which is related to filament lamps. These are perfect for facilities like nursing homes.

  1. Features

Features are one more factor that you have to consider when you purchase LED lights. Choose lights that have a dimming feature, to be able to save more money on your illuminants. This will let you reduce the amount of illumination easily in your home or commercial space. It is suggested that you set up emergency lights in case you are light-sensitive.

The consideration of all these factors can be very useful when you have to purchase LED panel lights.